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Listed here are some books on Dubai that may be of particular help to visitors/tourists/newcomers to Dubai.

  • All things Dubai

    Author: Joseph Ponnou
    Speaks about Dubai, its location, and life in Dubai from all angles. The books could be just right to get an idea of how it would be to live and work in Dubai

  • Dubai job secrets

    Discusses about job search in Dubai, and the best ways to fine one fast.

  • Time Out Dubai

    This book could be perfect for people who do not know much about Dubai, particularly for newcomers.

  • Dubai Architecture & Design

    Speaks about the history of architecture and design in general. It has amazing and inspiring pictures.

  • Dubai Red Tape

    The book is meant for expatriates living and working in Dubai, and for those considering a career move to Dubai.

  • Dubai Explorer - The Complete Resident's Guide

    The Dubai Explorer is a guide for residents with comprehensive information on Dubai, ideal for a resident, and is a good beginner’s guide to Dubai speaking about day-to-day life in Dubai.

  • Top 10 Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    The Top 10 Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a guide to Dubai about where to go, what to do and how to do, and is ideal for people who doesn’t have much time in Dubai.

  • Cool Restaurants Dubai

    This guide is pretty good overall, and speaks about the best restaurants in Dubai. This book is ideal for those interested in details of best restaurants in Dubai and general overview about Dubai restaurants.

  • Rough Guide Directions to Dubai

    Author: Gavin Thomas
    This is a handy guide to Dubai, discussing both old and modern attractions of Dubai. It offer details of drivable trips from Dubai to nearby emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

  • Lonely Planet Dubai Encounter

    This book holds basic tourist information that you would expect from a Dubai travel guide.

  • Camels Love Dubai

    Author: Stephen Wilkins
    The book is the story of Mohan Adikaram of Sri Lanka, who loses his family in the 2004 Tsunami and moves to Dubai, goes to a University there, after being fostered by a rich Dubai resident.

  • Dubai

    Author: Robin Moore
    The book could be an interesting read for those interested in knowing about life in Dubai during the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Dubai Creek

    Author: Stephen Wilkins
    The book is the story of Nick Williams from London who moves to Dubai. The book is more like a blog about moving to Dubai, and may therefore be a good one to learn about moving to Dubai for newcomers.

  • Layover in Dubai

    Author: Dan Fesperman
    A thriller based in Dubai.

  • Rigged

    Author: Ben Mezrich
    The book is about an establishment of Dubai Mercantile Exchange, though not as useful as several other setting up guides for Dubai.

  • City of Gold

    Author: Jim Krane
    The book is about Dubai and Dream of Capitalism.

  • The Vulnerability of Success

    Author: Christopher M Davidson
    The book describes the core issues faced by Dubai and its rapid development.

  • Dubai & Co.

    Author: Aamir Rehman
    The book describes global strategies for doing business in the Gulf States. It discusses hospitality/tourism, energy, financial services, real estate, retail, technology and several other sectors that are booming in Dubai and rest of the Gulf.

  • Escape from Dubai

    Author: Herve Jaubert
    The book is a true story of Mr. Jaubert, a French ex-spy in Dubai.

  • My Vision – Challenges in the Race for Excellence

    Author: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai

  • Opportunity Dubai

    Author: Peter Cooper
    Making a fortune in the Middle East.

Guidebooks for Dubai

  • A Hedonist's Guide to Dubai (HG2 Dubai)
  • Eyewitness Travel Guide to Dubai
  • Let's Go Dubai
  • Lonely Planet Dubai
  • LUXE Guide to Dubai
  • The Rough Guide Dubai
  • Wallpaper Guide to Dubai

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