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Car Insurance is an absolute must in Dubai. A car will have to be insured prior to registration. Affluent travellers visiting Dubai are aware of the value of a comprehensive car insurance cover, and they ensure that the car they hire is properly covered.

There are plenty of car indemnity brokers in the Middle East, including Dubai Abu Dhabi and other Gulf States. These indemnity companies are working to their full capacity, and hence, there is no risk in investing your hard earned money for a car insurance policy, as it is one of the best ways to avoid risks of possible calamity and damages of your car.

There are several vehicle insurance companies in Dubai worth visiting, apart from online policies. In fact, in today's scenario, it is said that it is easier to purchase an all-inclusive policy which covers more than one vehicle at highly affordable rates.

When choosing a car insurance policy:

An important factor to consider when purchasing an insurance policy for your car is the extent of travel that you are likely to do. For instance, if you are likely to travel a lot, beyond UAE borders, then you may have to pass over into Oman occasionally, and therefore it would be wise to include an Insurance cover for the Sultanate of Oman too.

Note: It should be noted here that, as per the latest rules, UAE car Owners’ are required to obtain an ‘Orange Card’ from their insurance Providers’ to be produced at the border crossing when driving between the UAE and Oman. The Orange Card System indicates that each country has Unified Insurance Bureau that deal with insurance claims arising in another country. The Unified Insurance Bureau in UAE is the Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC).

2. The insurers will also ask for the year of manufacture of the car, and may sometimes wish to inspect the vehicle. Generally insurance policies are for a 13-year period, depending on age and model of the car. The insurers may also require your current ‘No Claims Bonus’ paperwork, when they check your previous insurance history.

3. Check the fine print of any policy carefully before ensuring that the insurance is completely comprehensive, as some are not.

4. Although there are several automobile insurance companies in the UAE, ask for personal opinions, as customer service and satisfaction vary, just as anywhere else in the world.

5. It is said that Nissan Maximas are hard to insure, while sports/luxury cars are quite expensive to get insured. Therefore, find out more about the insurance details of such cars before buying one.

6. Male drivers below age of 25yrs, or women below 21 years, may find it difficult to gain insurance coverage, and may have to pay more. Similarly, it may be difficult to obtain comprehensive insurance for cars more than five years old.

7. Some policies do not insure cars for off-road driving, such as parking your vehicle on the sand behind a building. Hence, check on such details.

8. No insurance coverage will be given for accidents caused due to drinking and driving.

9. Car Insurance in UAE is usually done through a car dealer. Therefore, it is important to compare quotations of various insurance agents before finalizing your insurance provider.

Types of car insurance covers in UAE:

There are two main car insurance covers being offered in UAE, namely Comprehensive Car Insurance and Third Party Liability Car Insurance.

Comprehensive UAE Car Insurance: Comprehensive Car Insurance is more expensive in UAE, particularly if you drive a sports vehicle (a car with only two doors). The cost varies depending on agreement with the insurance company.

ully Comprehensive – This covers damage to your own car, but includes restrictions and loopholes, or get-out clauses. There is a legal obligation for insurance firms to provide this at a certain maximum price level, such as 3 to 5 percent of value of the car.

Comprehensive with options – This covers options such as dealer repair, free hire car, free insurance in Oman and other GCC nations, and recognition of no claims bonuses (from UAE and/or overseas) for an extra cost. Therefore, you may be required to pay 3 to 10 percent of the value of car, depending on the company, and no claims bonus.

Comprehensive premium level – If willing to pay more money, you get options similar to the previous level, but expect to pay an extra 1 or 2 percent of the value of the car. Expatriates may have to bring along an original no claims bonus certificate, which is worth up to 40 percent discount on the normal rates in UAE.

Third Party Liability Car Insurance: Third party car insurance cover is one of the common car insurance policies in the UAE. According to the law, third party liability coverage is the minimum level of motor insurance necessary for all vehicles driven in Dubai. This helps pay out after the excess, in case you happen to unfortunately collide with any cars or pedestrians. This is often considered essential, as more expensive cars and medical bills may often incur huge expenses than your own vehicle. However, third party liability only covers the owner’s liability in the unfortunate event of injury or death, or damage of property of third parties. It is the legal minimum you are required to have, and the cheapest.

Obtaining car insurance in UAE

There are insurance companies in Dubai who can arrange cover online, or through telephone, and insurance brokers who can arrange quotes from various companies to choose from.

To obtain car insurance, it is first necessary to possess a valid UAE residence visa and UAE driving license, with a minimum of one year validity. Proof of previous no claims discount, if any, should also be provided when arranging insurance, as it can make considerable difference in the cost.

Insurers generally require the following documents:

  • Valid passport with residence visa
  • UAE driving license
  • Sight test and/or copy of home driving license
  • Vehicle details, age, and model of the car
  • Proof if no claims, if any.

Insurance policies generally have a validity period of 13 months, covering one-month grace period permitted following expiry of registration. The registration will have to be renewed annually, and this renewal is not possible without proof of insurance.

Making a claim

In the event of an accident, the Traffic Police can be contact at the number 999. If the accident is minor with little damage and hardly any injuries, the parties may be required to drive to the nearest police station and fill out the appropriate forms.

In case the Traffic Police arrives on the spot, they may assess the situation and complete a Police Report on the spot. The Police Report will be in two parts involving a pink form and a green form. The pink form is given to the person considered responsible for the accident, while the innocent party is given the green copy. Without this report, no repairs will be carried out, and insurance companies may not process a claim.

The person with the pink form will have to take it to his insurance company as soon as possible. The company will arrange for repairs of the vehicle, depending on the level of cover, and provide a letter, which should be taken to the police station.

The driving license of the person responsible for the accident may also be taken away by the police. It may be returned on paying the requisite fine and the letter from insurance company.

The green form holder can submit this to the other driver’s insurance company, who will arrange to have to the vehicle repaired. Therefore, the driver responsible for the accident will experience an increase in premium.

In the event of a serious accident, call 999, and request for an ambulance and the Traffic Police. In case of a particularly serious accident, or in the event of death owing to poor driving, the driver responsible for this can expect a huge fine and imprisonment, sometimes followed by deportation.

'Blood Money', also referred to as ‘Diya’, is the fine imposed for an accidental or wilful cause of death. The minimum fine imposed in such a case by the Dubai Courts is Dh.200,000 or higher depending on circumstances and request by victim’s family.

Dubai follows zero tolerance policy towards cases of drinking and driving. This can result in arrest, fines, and 24 black points on the person’s driving record. Driving under the influence of drugs may also result in void insurance coverage in the event of accident.


Premiums for basic car insurance policies in Dubai are not very high. There are plenty of insurance brokers and insurance companies in Dubai for home, car and life. It is up to you to decide on how much cover your car requires as replacement for the policy. Car Insurance cost is dependent on purchase value of the car. You may have to pay monthly premiums or annual premiums, depending on the chosen policy.

Cancelling Car Insurance

A motor insurance policy can be cancelled with written notice, via registered mail addressed to the insurance company. However, check the specific terms and conditions of the policy with your particular insurance company.

Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

Here are the contact details of some vehicle insurance companies in Dubai:

  • Al Ittihad Al Watani General Insurance Company

    Tel: +971 4 2823266
  • AXA Insurance Company

    Tel: +971 4 3243434

  • RSA Group (rebranded from Royal & Sun Alliance)

    113, Chili's building, Al Garhoud, Dubai
    Toll Free – 800-RSA (800-772) Tel: +971 4 3029991

  • Acuma

    Tel: +971 4 332 8582

  • Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company

    Tel: +971 4 2725500 / 2725511

  • Alliance Insurance

    Tel: +971 4 605 1111 / 262 6400 / 351 6070

  • Continental Insurance Brokers

    Tel: +971 4 3353433

  • Lifecare International

    Tel: +971 4 331 8688

  • Methaq Takaful Insurance Company

    Tel: +971 4 260 1601

  • Oman Insurance Company

    Tel: +971 4 233 7777

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