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Dubai is the media hub for the Middle East region, and is home to several television and radio channels. Although there are few terrestrial television channels, majority of the people choose from hundreds of regional channels offered via the satellite or cable.

Pay or subscription television is relayed on cable via E-Vision (a division of Etisalat) in Dubai, or through satellite directly from the providers such as Orbit, Star TV, Showtime and ART. Both Orbit and Showtime offer a great selection of English programming, subtitled in Arabic.

The main free to air English television channels are Dubai One, MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC 2 and City 7 TV. Several of the shows are broadcasted in English with Arabic subtitles, except in City TV.

Prime TV channels in Dubai

Abu Dhabi TV: Arabic and local series

Dubai TV: A channel by the Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI) Arabic local and regional programming

Dubai One: A Channel by DMI, the 24-hour free-to-air English language and entertainment channel with primarily US series available in Middle East and North Africa

City 7 TV: An independent Dubai-based free-to-air English channel, offering locally produced English news, business and lifestyle programmes together with international lifestyle, drama and comedy.

Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC): A network of free-to-air English and Arabic stations broadcasting 24 hours from Dubai Media City and available through satellite across the MENA region. This includes MBC Max (Hollywood films), MBD 4 (english challel with US series targeted to women), MBC Action (US action series targeting men), MBC 2 (western movies), MBC 3 (children’s channel primarily in Arabic with limited English).

Al Arabiya: An Arabic language news channel.

Dubai Sports Channel: Dubai Sports Channel covers all sports and individual competitions pertaining to programs that were so far neglected by the media.

Emirates Channel: The channel reflects the official culture of the UAE. Its programming focuses on people, values and interests. It targets all sections of the society through political, and socio-cultural shows, entertainment and children shows.

Major Radio channels in Dubai

Al Arabiya 98.9 FM
AlArabiya (ARN Arabic Language Service) broadcasts 24 hours a day on the FM band on 98.9 Mhz. The first truly formatted commercial Arabic Radio Service; the station plays a mix of Arabian Gulf and mainstream Arabic Hit music.

Al Khaleejiya 100.9 FM
Al Khaleejiya (ARN Arabic Language Service) broadcasts 24 hours a day on the FM band on 100.9 Mhz. It broadcasts a unique traffic service by being linked to Dubai Municipality, which gives ARN access to hundreds of street cameras so that an effective traffic watch can be conducted and commuters listening can benefit from such important information about the roads as they become busier day by day in Dubai.

City 101.6 FM
(ARN Hindi language Service) is the youngest child of the Arabian Radio Network launched softly on 12th May 2002. Being the first Asian FM (Hindi/Urdu) station to broadcast from Dubai, it aims to be the 'Heartbeat' of all Asians residing in the U.A.E. (the strap line of the station is "Dil Ki Dhadkan").

HIT 96.7 FM
Recently the Arabian Radio Network Launched HIT 96.7 FM-a station that truly lived up to its namesake, surpassing even the expectations of the ambitious ARN teams. Designed to serve the interest of the largest expatriate community in the gulf - The Malyalees, it has receivedresounding acceptance from its very inception and attracted a large and loyal listener base.

Radio 4 89.1 FM
Channel 4 Radio Network therefore provides music based entertainment as a platform for spot advertising and cross marketing, including promotions, events, live appearances and competitions. The opportunities to connect with your customers are as limitless as our combined imagination.

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