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Emirati entrepreneurs launch Dubai-People's Coffee

Business Dubai 26 Jan 21
Emirati entrepreneurs launch Dubai-People's Coffee
Emirati duo Sheikh Dr Majid Al Qassimi and entrepreneur Ali Mansoor Al Ali have launched a brand-new home-grown company, People’s Coffee.
Event Location
Dubai , Dubai
Start Time
26 January 2021, 12:00 AM
End Time
06 February 2021, 12:00 AM

Sheikh Dr Majid Al Qassimi and Emirati entrepreneur Ali Mansoor Al Ali have announced the official launch of a brand-new company, People’s Coffee, offering product ranges sourced from Yemen, which targets the discerning consumer with a powerful message – to improve the quality of life of farmers and bring their stories to the world.

The fair-trade specialty green and roasted coffee trading company’s operations unit in Haraz, Yemen provides a product offering from some of the sub-region’s top plantations, working closely with farmers to carry their coffee to international markets.

“People’s Coffee focuses on individuality and avoids dime-a-dozen labour, shifting from [business] relationships towards a human-to-human approach,” Al Qassimi said. “The People’s Coffee operations team works closely with farmers ... we distribute value across all parts of the supply chain, aiming for sustainable relationships between people and coffee.”

Headquartered in Dubai, the coffee trading company stands firmly against mass production models, promoting a human-to-human approach to business. With the slogan “Fair Value Coffee Traders”, People’s Coffee has devised a system whereby financial returns are distributed equally across all parts of the supply chain.

Fuelled by an increase in demand from consumers for organic, ethical coffee production which does not exploit farmers in developing countries, the new range brings the best of authentic Yemeni coffee to the UAE, while raising awareness over its heritage and the human aspect behind every batch of beans.

Mansoor Al Ali said, “The beans we are using, which come from Yemen’s Haraz sub-region, can be categorised into different variations – one complements milky beverages and boasts chocolate, roasted-nut and citrusy notes. The other works best with filtered coffee, and has a tea-like feel to it, with fruity notes that evoke strawberry, red cherry and dark chocolate.” .

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