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Cardistry & Card Magic Workshop

Art, Pop Ups, Workshops Jumeirah 12 Jan 18 16:00 PM
Cardistry & Card Magic Workshop
Cardistry and Magic Workshop to be held in Dubai on 15th December is a fun workshop given by professional cardist and magician Suhail Khoury, who will teach you hands-on some of his best, easy tricks.
Event Location
Soul Artists HQ 8B Street, Villa #51 , Jumeirah 1, Dubai, Dubai
Start Time
12 January 2018, 04:00 PM
End Time
12 January 2018, 07:00 PM

Got any tricks up your sleeve to impress your friends? Ever heard of Cardistry? Cardistry is the performance of card flourishing which can be used in everyday situations to impress or entertain people. You will learn the tricks of shuffling, moving and artistically manipulating a deck of playing cards. This fun workshop is given by the professional cardist and magician Suhail Khoury who will not only demonstrate but teach you hands-on some of his best, easy-to-learn tricks.

Whats more you ask? You will get one pack of bicycle playing cards plus pro HD close-up photos of you doing amazing card stances and shapes!

You will learn:

How to handle, manipulate and control a deck of cards like a pro magician
How to trick your brain into learning new things quickly and effectively
Make beautiful shapes and patterns with cards
Learn 5 card tricks that will blow your friends and families minds
Unexpected bonus - you will learn how to throw cards like a ninja!

All materials will be provided


Additional Info:
Participants will receive a certificate of completion

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