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Private Finance Lenders in Dubai

Private Finance Lenders can be private organizations or individual investors who offer personal loan to people who wish to extend their financial needs. Financial Lenders can also be middle man companies which can refer you to an individual investor. They are non-traditional lenders that provide you with real estate loan secured by property and not you.

Private money lenders can offer money for a start-up business requiring capital, to get the business up and running, or under unique borrowing circumstances, they can aid and make a lot of sense.

However, it is important to note that majority of private finance lenders engage in risky ventures, as they are aware of the both the risk and opportunity associated with selected business types. They can come forward to even finance projects that banks decline. They do not demand much document evidences which banks or credit unions or non-private lenders would request for. Mostly, they only ask for income proof, bank account and credit history.

In fact, a recent survey in UAE revealed that credit cards and private money lenders are common causes for financial mess of expatriates here.

Ways to find private finance lenders

Several online organizations have websites that permit people to request a personal loan for private individuals to lend their money. The loan taker will have to pay back the money with interest directly to the lender. To avoid getting into complications, it is imperative that you hold more inquiries concerning a private lending company, to avoid getting into complications in the end.

It is also imperative to research the organization that you are interested in seeking private finance. You should check if the company is registered, and if there are any complaints regarding the person-to-person lending company.

Look into listings in local phone book, or in investment or bank section of your city, or search online for private money lenders.

Listed below are contact details of few private finance lenders in Dubai:

  • Islamic Finance Company

    21st Floor, Single Business Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
    2nd Interchange, Business Bay, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3306444 Fax: +971 4 3306222

  • Al Jazeera Financial Services LLC

    P.O.Box: 171599, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 2944555

  • Al Theqa Financial Services

    P.O.Box: 121088, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3977755

  • Al-Futtaim Automative Finance Services

    P.O.Box: 283568, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3047600

  • Amlak Finance PJSC

    P.O.Box: 2441, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 4274700

  • Century Financial Brokers LLC

    P.O.Box: 9126, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3516112

  • Corporate International Business Finance LLC

    P.O.Box: 111372, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3277791

  • Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd

    P.O.Box: 48991, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3524905

  • Dunia Finance LLC

    P.O.Box: 73816, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 4256700

  • Finance House

    P.O.Box: 124100, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 4075000

  • Gulf Finance Corporation

    P.O.Box: 35356, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3435202

  • LIC Housing Finance Ltd

    P.O.Box: 5701, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3354858

  • Mawarid Finance

    P.O.Box: 212121, Dubai
    Tel: : +971 4 3040888

  • MeNA Financial Group Ltd

    P.O.Box: 506684, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3230031

  • Oman Finance Co Ltd

    P.O.Box: 8008, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3367803

  • Osool

    P.O.Box: 12920, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 2148100

  • Solidus Finance AG Dubai

    P.O.Box: 26515, Dubai
    Tel: +971 4 3315660, +971 4 3315656

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