Friday, December 19, 2014
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UAE issues Behavioural guide for tourists

The latest behavioural guide issued to tourists in different languages, circulated by the UAE police, emphasizes that identification card should be carried by the tourists at all times and that they should be able to produce it to security officers upon request.

The behavioural guide aims to provide tourists with an overview of UAE’s tourism culture, customs and traditions. The brochure is available in 12 different languages, including Arabic, English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, German, Urdu and other languages.

The guide reads “Your safety is our concern.” In case of emergency, kindly call 999 and to Contact the Tourist Police, kindly contact the toll free 800626.

The Chief of Tourism Police Section at the Criminal Investigation Department, Lt. Col. Muzeed Al Otaibi, said they are available to serve and guide the tourists on the rules of public behaviour.

He also said that there is a temporary office at Mina Zayed in Abu Dhabi, to help tourists arriving on cruise ships between November and April next year. The brochure is being circulated to improve police services and offer tourists all means of comfort to maintain security of the community and enhance sense of peace.

Among the other brochures released in this regard are “Tourist Guide”, “Behavioral Guidelines for Tourists”, “Beachgoers Guide” and the “Taxi Guidelines”.

Al Otaibi urged tourists to abide by the state laws and regulations and respect local customs and traditions, and has advised them against indulging in inappropriate behaviour and to respect the feelings of families and beachgoers.

The main pointers in the guide are:

  • The possession and abuse of drugs and psychotropic substance is against law.
  • Avoid indecent behaviour in public places such as kissing, cross-dressing etc. and wear respectful clothing.
  • Consuming alcoholic drinks in unlicensed places is prohibited.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is against law.
  • Carrying identification card at all times is a must.
  • There is no need to carry lot of cash, as all major credit cards are accepted in most shops and outlets and there are many ATMs too.
  • Visitors should ensure that their vehicles are always locked and valuables are kept away from strangers.
  • Photography of restricted areas is prohibited.
  • Prostitution, begging and vagrancy are against law
  • Details of all goods and services are included in any receipt to protect your consumer rights.
  • It is better to use main beaches that are supervised and avoid isolated ones.
  • Visitors should bear in mind not to eat, drink or smoke in public places during fasting house of the Holy month of Ramadan and during religious rituals and occasions.

Posted on 25/11/2013

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